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Cooperative Growth: Regional Investment, Local Revenue

Preetal Shah, Filiberto Viteri, Xiaobei Yang, Nour Zoghbi,

Our project is based on a shared value model in which worker cooperatives, anchor institutions, nonprofit organizations and the city municipality work together to strengthen the Newburgh community and economy.

Anchor Institutions such as Mt. St. Mary College, The Enlarged Newburgh School District, and St. Luke’s Hospital will partner with the nonprofit to create a worker cooperative centered on locally grown agriculture, and make investments toward improving the community regarding health and education.

The nonprofit will finance and assist the worker cooperatives while partnering with the city municipality to achieve goals for economic development. The worker cooperative is co-owned by residents from the community, who get trained by the nonprofit in order to establish a relationship with regional farms to increase employment and capital.

The initial urban intervention will consist of the following components:

• A regional storage and distribution center that includes a hydroponic greenhouse
• A local nonprofit corporation storefront, located at the East of Broadway
• A local value-added food processing facility at the West of Broadway.
• A linear park along Broadway, with flexible speculative spaces for community involvement.

The NGO will utilize local agriculture to aid in improving the image and economic viability of Newburgh by incrementally beautifying the major Broadway corridor. By creating major hubs on the east and west end of Broadway, and establishing a network between them, a new image for Newburgh emerges anchored on an economy of local agriculture.


G10 COOPEREATIVE GROWTH from Xiaobei Yang on Vimeo.

G10 Growth Pattern 2 from Xiaobei Yang on Vimeo.

G10 COOPEREATIVE GROWTH – projection 001 from Filiberto Viteri on Vimeo.

G10 COOPEREATIVE GROWTH – projection 002 from Filiberto Viteri on Vimeo.