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Patching Urban Ecoscapes: Connecting Municipalities through Water

[pach] To patch means ‘to mend or strengthen a weak area’

Reorienting development based on watersheds by limiting development around Lake Washington’s drinking water supply while promoting development to activate Newburgh’s forgotten Quassaick creek watershed.


A Regional Need

With NYC’s temporary aqueduct shutdowns scheduled from 2016 – 2018, municipalities in the region are faced with an urgent need to find an alternative drinking water supply. Newburgh, NY currently has excess supplies of drinking water; however its sources lie in neighboring municipalities that are facing tremendous development pressures.
Leveraging water’s value in the region as critical commodity as well as an ecological and recreational asset, this project en- visions a new place for water in urban development in the region. Through a strategy of ‘re-patching’ urban and ecological fabrics we propose to:

– Minimize new development footprints around critical drink ing water resources.
– Mitigate the most threatening impacts on water quality through new green infra structure that reduce run off while enhancing quality of life.
– Refocuses development in already urban areas to reinvig- orate urban space and connect fragmented neighborhood and resources.

Locally this project repatches the shared fabric of Newburgh, New Windsor and New- burgh town by proposing to Preserve undeveloped pervious land around city’s key drinking water resource – while refocusing development in relation to water with- in the urban fabric of Newburgh and New Windsor to catalyze regional economies. Through a series of patched corridors between the two towns with the creek at their center, the watershed becomes the organizing feature to Activate a recreational hub, to connect to new livable development opportunities, and Innovate new green indus- try opportunities while reactivating the forgotten Quassaick creek waterfront.

Patching Urban Ecosystems from bina on Vimeo.