Re-imagining The Post-Industrial City Through Waste – Group 8

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Newburgh’s industrial past in the Hudson River Valley equipped it with infrastructural assets that can be reused to benefit its local community. We see waste opportunities as a potential for the future economic development of the post-industrial city. The existing scrap metal recycling industry offers an opportunity to catalyze change, combined with a deep-water port for cheap transportation and numerous vacant lots for a live/work manufacturing development. Together with other cities along the Hudson River Valley and Orange County, Newburgh will change the existing flow of scrap metal recycling by collecting metal resources directly from other cities an processing them into raw products in Newburgh, that could be transformed into advanced products or art. This new postindustrial typology not only adds value to the products made in Newburgh for profit making, but also creates job opportunities that aim at lower education groups. The final products and art thus become parts of the city’s new identity and will gradually recreate a lively manufacturing live/work neighborhood with different industrial typologies that respond to multi-scale work methods, and open spaces designed to capture the new integrated industrial image of Newburgh

Reimagining Waste Columbia GSAPP from Natasha A. Trice on Vimeo.

Group8 ReimaginingWaste ProjectionVideo from Ekarat Punsupol on Vimeo.