Light Up Newburgh – Group 6

LIGHT UP NEWBURGH from Jun Park on Vimeo.


Enhance the cultural identity of the city by developing career opportunities through a synergetic program for restoration training and after school artistic activities within Newburgh’s valuable historic district.

We see high school dropout rates and high unemployment as two sides of the same coin. Both stand to benefit from an incremental strategy to revitalize Newburgh’s historic assets.

Students usually drop out of school when they lose interest and don’t see, in what they are studying, a future career. After school programs have been shown to reduce dropout rates, especially with at-risk groups. Dropping out of school also increases the chances of unemployment.

The urban blight within Newburgh’s Historic District hides a vital asset and requires rehabilitation in order to be revitalized. Its restoration becomes a main source of job opportunities and an inspiration for after school activities.

The project aims at training Newburgh’s unemployed and creating a workforce in order to revitalize it. The process will start with the Dutch Reformed Church that would act as a catalyst to future spinoffs in the Historic District. Restored houses will be temporarily used as spaces for the after school programs and will eventually be converted to affordable housing and live-work spaces for the local artists. A new facility will be constructed to accommodate the demand of a synergetic network between a program for restoration training and after school activities.


Light Up Newburgh from Tatiana Merheb on Vimeo.

projection from Tatiana Merheb on Vimeo.