Trail of 2 Cities_Group 3

Group 3: Trails of 2 Cities


Our project looks at strengthening the links between Newburgh and Beacon by treating it as one entity that could be mutually beneficial and developed as a regional attractor. This sister city network would foster new revenue and employment and be a stimulus for Newburgh’s development. Beacon enjoys an annual average of more than 75,000 tourists. Our project looks at tapping into, and growing, the tourist population who might enjoy the historic resources and unique experience that Newburgh and “the other side” of the river has to offer. The proposal envisions the Cities of Newburgh and Beacon and the MTA working with the private sector to catalyze new waterfront developments along both sides of the Hudson River.

By increasing awareness of Newburgh’s and the Hudson Valley’s past by linking existing historic, built and natural assets via mobile and digital platforms our project will generate public interest in both cities as a cultural hub. A public capital project investment in Newburgh would include an Industry Museum on the city’s long-vacant waterfront, traversing the freight line barrier between the riverfront and inner city. This initial investment would also include enhanced ferry services and building and an improved harbor and piers in both Beacon and Newburgh.
With improved access across the Hudson and a destination “up the hill”, the city would be able to better promote the redevelopment of the entrance of Broadway to become more pedestrian and bike-friendly, with the addition of retail, cafes, and a digital library and exhibition space. This would be further connected with a new bike loop with pedestrian streetscape improvements between the two cities that would connect key destination such as the Washington Headquarters and the Brewery in Newburgh, and Dia:Beacon and the Metro North Station in Beacon.

Urban Design Studio II Final – Group3 – Trail of 2 Cities from Susanna Castiello on Vimeo.

Group3 Trail O f2 Cities – Projection Model from Susanna Castiello on Vimeo.

Group3 Trail Of 2 Cities – Projection Footage from Susanna Castiello on Vimeo.