4.5 Site Inter/Extr-action

Mid Hudson Times features Columbia Urban Design students’ site installations

From the article: “What would you like to see happen in the city?” asked Columbia graduate student Andrew Hite of passers-by as he stood outside of Martha café on Liberty Street. Hite invited locals to write their thoughts down on index cards attached to a colorful message board perched on the sidewalk. “What is this?” a […]

Building Directions

Site-Inter/extractions: Building Directions Through the process of re-envisioning the vacant storefronts as a portal of knowledge, education and entrepreneurial success, the main idea of the site-inter-extraction was to expose people to the opportunities that exist within the city of Newburgh while extracting provocative ideas for the potential usage of these spaces. In order to achieve […]

STOP. THINK. PLAY. – Group 3

STOP. THINK. PLAY Site Inter/ Extr-actions Susanna Castiello, Parul Sharma, Jenny Cadena, Qian Qi Our Urban Intervention, ‘Stop. Think. Play’ was a design challenge and comprised of 2 parts: the ‘Box Design Challenge’ and a survey with 4 key questions: ‘What do you like in Newburgh’, ‘What do you like in Beacon’, ‘What would you do […]


I ART NEWBURGH from Tatiana Merheb on Vimeo.   I ART NEWBURGH GROUP 6: MANUEL GALARRAGA, TATIANA MERHEB, JUN PARK, ZEYUAN QIAN   The goal of the site inter-extr-ation was to understand the sensitivity of the local residents towards a creative movement, the artistic activities local residents of Newburgh are interested in and whether these […]


Site inter-extraction from Abdulrahman Al-Ishaq on Vimeo. #TWEETtheCREEK SITE INTER-EXTR-ACTIONS. NEWBURGH, NY 10.25.2014 ABDULRAHMAN AL-ISHAQ, BINA BHATIA, LONG XU, MANUELA POWIDAYKO AlLBERICI SOUZA Tweet the Creek was an edutainment walk-through simulating the Quassaick Creek in an abstract fashion. Participants walked the downhill path of Downing Vaux Park and followed stenciled information about the Quassaick Creek’s […]

Newburgh Restoration blog: Columbia University Site Visit

http://newburghrestoration.com/blog/2014/10/27/columbia-university-site-visit-2/ “What a day is was in Newburgh on Saturday! Forty nine students and faculty from Columbia University disbursed throughout 12 sites in the city. I personally could not make it, but I wish I did! The students paid attention to ideas and areas that are dire need of help in the city; everything from the empty […]

HAPPY SEEDS (Growing Newburgh)

  GROW NEWBURGH – Happy Seeds from Nour Zoghby on Vimeo. Growing Newburgh (Happy Seeds) SITE INTER-EXTR-ACTIONS. NEWBURGH, NY 10.25.2014   FILIBERTO VITERI, NOUR ZOGHBY, PREETAL SHAH, XIAOBEI YANG   The project consisted in giving away different types of seed bombs to the people of Newburgh and explaining the possibilities of growing them, in order […]

Throw and Win! We CAN recycle Newburgh Intervention

On Broadway, our intervention really brought out the spirit of Newburgh. Many participants voluntarily gave their opinion on recycling, which prompted great discussions on scrap metal and ewaste. Learning that there are informal and illegal modes of recycling in Newburgh was one of the most intriguing bit of information we learned during our site intervention. […]