5. Design Proposal

Humanizing Ecoscapes: Spatially connecting municipalities through water

We have a watershed driven approach that reframes the spatial definition and development strategy of Newburgh and its surrounding municipalities around one of its critical assets – Fresh Water. We are studying the Quassaick creek and the sub watersheds of Newburgh’s fresh water assets. We perceive water as a valued critical commodity in the region, […]

Inform & Inspire

  The outside perception of Newburgh is that it has a large demographic that is both uneducated and unmotivated. Resources for the community and small businesses exist throughout the city of Newburgh and the region of the Hudson Valley. Nonetheless, there is a potential for outreach and collaboration that can engage and inform the public […]

Creative Core – Group 6

  Enhance the value of the city’s creative and economical life by engaging artistic, educational and crafty neighbors through a network of programs connected to the main shared facility which is the Creative Core.  This project aims to develop a Creative Core that would enhance the interaction and communication between its main components: the Historic […]


The simultaneous multi scalar intervention, involves struggling small and medium sized farmers, early stage food entrepreneurs and disconnected consumers from local produce within the Hudson Valley region. Create a systematic infrastructure of support for regional agribusiness while stimulating a new industry for business and job opportunities for Newburgh. A regional distribution center in the outskirts […]

Group 10: Grow Newburgh

G10 GROW NEWBURGH from Filiberto Viteri on Vimeo. Our project is based on a shared value model in which worker cooperatives, anchor institutions, NGO’s, and the city municipality work together to strengthen the Newburgh community and economy. Anchor Institutions such as Mt. St. Mary College & St. Luke’s Hospital will purchase locally grown produce from […]

Trail of 2 cities – Group 3

    Our project focuses on the Hudson River cross-section between Newburgh and Beacon as our regional site. These two cities have an existing regional reach that serve areas throughout the Hudson Valley. Beacon is a major tourist destination, housing the Dia Beacon museum, which attracts visitors from across the county and even country, and […]

PROPLAB – Capturing Momentum – Group 12

Capturing Momentum – PropLab – Group 12 from Amy Shell on Vimeo. This proposal focuses on building upon Newburgh’s existing independent film industry and its resources as a vehicle to foment the city’s emerging trends and kick start change in areas of the city that have been continuously overlooked. Film production and shifts in Hispanic demographics are among emerging agents […]