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Universities Are Taking Neighborhood Engagement to the Next Level Universities have come to embrace the idea that community involvement is a key part of their academic mission. Whether by developing real estate, supporting local schools, supplying volunteers or engaging in research that seeks to solve community problems, urban colleges and universities are turning their communities into extensions of their campuses.

IOBY brings neighborhood projects to life, block by block – See more at: An adventure into re-imaging the American neighborhood Our grandmothers knew the name of every family on their block. If there was a busted fence they fixed it. If there was a neighborhood meeting they showed up. They belonged to the place where they lived and the people who lived right next door. There’s was […]

This Southside Chicago neighborhood is about to become a national park The historic Pullman neighborhood, perched on the southeast side of Chicago, is a textural patchwork of industry and humanity. Take a walk through the community and you’ll find shuttered steel mills and railroad tracks intertwined with small, brick rowhouses. On warmer days, there are garden walks and alley parties. The residents here — Hispanics, […]

Twitter proposes sky bridge to link San Francisco offices The bridge would give Twitter workers fewer reasons to leave the campus during the day — but a spokesman for the company says it wouldn’t reduce their contributions to the community. When Twitter moved into two buildings on busy Market Street in San Francisco instead of some far-flung suburban site, they were lauded […]

How Anchor Institutions like Hospitals and Universities Can Help Cities They’ve got a permanent presence—and great hiring and purchasing potential. When a big, well-funded institution sets itself down in a struggling neighborhood, it can disrupt things. But if these “anchor institutions” really include and engage the communities, they can also turn the neighborhood around. That’s the core of a new report by the Center […]

In Sprawling Los Angeles, a Swap Meet Becomes a Community’s CBD Crime in Los Angeles has decreased significantly in the last 20 years, and while it can’t be said that South L.A. is the safest neighborhood, it offers a very different landscape than it did in the early 1990s. Back then, swap meet attorney Arthur K. Snyder, a former Los Angeles city councilman, presented the […]

Urban Onshoring: The Movement to Bring Tech Jobs Back to America There’s not much to see when you walk out of the subway station at Hunts Point in the South Bronx. A check cashing outfit, a few auto body shops, a weather-worn sign for Bella Vista Fried Chicken, and a billboard advertising $399 divorces, “no signature needed.” This New York neighborhood has a landscape as […]

HOPE Crew – Engaging a New Generation of Preservationists The National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched an initiative to train more young people in preservation crafts while helping to protect historic cultural sites on public lands. Named “HOPE Crew” for “Hands-On Preservation Experience,” the program links preservation projects to the national youth corps movement. It brings the potential for thousands of […]

New School Fundraising Model Sells Local, Organic Groceries Every Wednesday afternoon, Rebecca Matthews sets up on the picnic tables in front of Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley, California. She unloads bags of local, organic groceries–on this particular September day, about 90 in total–so parents can easily grab them while picking up their kids. Meet the new school fundraising model. It requires […]

Rebuilding A Detroit Home To Live In–In Hopes Of Rebuilding The City The building will be used as a combination co-working space and home. When four friends moved to Detroit as 2012 Venture for America fellows, they never thought they’d buy a house and spend a year fixing it up. The VFA program, which is the entrepreneurial equivalent of Teach for America, places college graduates with […]